Family Art Crimes

Galerie Artwall
Nábřeží kpt. Jaroše, Praha
September 4 to October 31, 2006

In the project “Family Art Crimes” we solve the reflexion of the relationship between parents and their kids, we look for the common language which uses forms of graffiti that is familiar to the modern generation of teenagers but it brings an unusual “family” content. Large format prints of words like Daddy, Mum, Siblings, Grandma, Christmas, Pudding and Thrashing imitate sprayed graffiti with a hint of metal nostalgy, and thus in the form that evokes vandalism name the values that the artists created in the run of their family lives with kids.

As the members of the group are “old schoolers”, the pictures were done in crayons, photos and photoshop. Final works were delivered to the Gallery ArtWall in electronic form and printed. There was not used any spray in the pictures.