Mothers and Fathers in action

1st concert of MaF band, individual song production (opening)
NoD, MaF in action (exhibition)
July 10 – 27, 2001

The exhibition Mothers and Fathers in action was the first project of four male and female artists who graduated from the UMPRUM (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague) in the years 1992-1997. Lenka Klodová, Lucie Nepasická, Marek Rejent and Martin Péč were all connected in their field of study, family and parent experience and a longing to create and exhibit art works. In the time of this exhibition the young artists disposed of nine children, Lenka had three, the others two each. (The sum of children didn’t change until today). Each of the authors created their works individually, independently from others. The topics of motherhood, fatherhood and family life mingled in the exhibition, although these were not the only themes there. The common activity of the four exhibiting authors was a music band of mothers and fathers which practised intensely for the opening of the exhibition. The activity of rehearsing and creating texts of a few borrowed songs was considered very creative and funny. The effort and creativity in the field of music were a good stimulus and it was transferred to the field of visual art for all future projects. We founded an art group called Mothers and Fathers. We use the short form MaO (Matky a Otcové, Mothers and Fathers or MaF)