Mothers and Fathers offer

Galerie 1
July 10 – September 15, 2002

We turned to ourselves as to the subjects of our interest. We benefit from what we are. Many sleepless nights, washed dishes, lacks of time and money, fear for our nearest and many worries created layers of deep deposited sediments. That is where we mine now. As different as we are on the surface, we find out in surprise that just a layer under the surface we are connected to the same topics which we created by ourselves. The authorship of all works is common since this exhibition.

As to the objects there is a certain degree of commercialization, they are packed and exhibited in more copies. The main idea of the project is a longing to offer things that are bound to the traumas and joys of parenthood and get them to the homes still untouched by the phenomena of partnership and parenthood.

Mothers and Fathers – quantity discount
Granary Klenová (in the exhibition of VŠUP)

Trying to give the free couples an idea of the experience of creative parents we presented an object, that was mostly understood by the initiated, or artists in the same position. Thus, a non-verbal language of artworks was created.