We are your future

A competition project for Cena Empatie

„We are your future“

The members of the group Mothers and Fathers (MaF) as parents abound with empathy. We don’t need to point out that partner and family life along with bringing up children need a good dose of empathy. Today we know that empathy is an important part of long-time relationships. The ends and new beginnings of relationships between people are another test. We can work with irreversible changes and ends of relationships.

MaF in the project “We are your future” works with the ability to empathize with people who were made redundant from Komerční banka (KB, Commercial Bank) and they change this emphatic wave into a project that helps these people to find their way in professional and life course.

The project “We are your future” has two stages.

First stage: Medal
An object of aesthetic and symbolic value made by MaF will be given to the employee who is leaving. The obverse motive: a portrait of the General Director of KB. The reverse side has a thankful note “Thank you, we couldn’t do without you” or “We will do without you, thanks”, KB logo and year of leaving. The employer gives the medal to the employee after he or she clears the desk and cabinets in his up-to-now workplace.

Second stage: Art helps (to forget)
A lecture and a series of workshops with detailed program led by lectors and members of MaF. The concept is an extension of possibilities that are offered to the unemployed by state institutions. We understand the visual artwork and craftwork as a useful way to see the world positively, and at the same time we want to turn the attention of the people in question towards visual arts and to weaken the feelings for revenge or other negative tendencies through this.

Art helps – program and topics:

Creating through body and its necessity for life”
a lecture by Mgr.A. Lenka Klodová, Ph.D.

How to use hands for creativity and destruction”
a playful workshop by Mgr.A. Marek Rejent and Mgr.A. Martin Péč with materials, casting, printing and subsequent destroying of the results of their work.

Voodoo dolls magic and rituals”
creating of cloth figures and ways how to use these in life by Mgr.A. Lucie Nepasická