What we are, you were, too

Formats of transformation 89 – 09, Dům umění města Brna
November 17, 2009 to January 17, 2010

We consider ourselves proud offshoots of our bizarre family histories and our art group Mothers and Fathers is an art-social formation as an super-offshoot of everything that was put into each single member of it.

Our group consists of four artists, graduates of art schools (three of us are from the same studio), who in the view of professionalization of their creativity are on the same level. Still, the ‘spawn’, family and hereditary background behind each member is very different. In the genealogy of our ancestors we have professional painters, architects, artists, but also skilful carvers, painting pensioneers and creative engineers.

The exhibition project “What we are, you were, too” is a partial probe of many questions concerning the heritability of the gift of art, the meaning of talent for art as a whole, relationships between generations, the question of idol and protest, the conditionality of a life current to outer conditions and last but not least the interchangeability of the meaning of “art” in itself.