What would we be without our children?

Galerie C2C, La Fabrika
Prague – Holešovice
September 2007

The exhibition is a resultant of our self-analytic and socio-analytic survey, in which we considered the possible existence of hypothetically happier variants of our lives.

In the flood of responsibilities and stress that bring on the attempts to have a family, earn money and make art, we tend to think unconsciously about our present-day state as of an unjust and unfair one. It looks like we quite obviously couldn’t have chosen this scheme voluntarily. And thus we, inadvertently, start to presuppose an existence of many alternative possibilities based on our better decisions, those, that are much better than the present ones.

In our research we tried to prove the existence of these hypothetical better worlds – or to disprove it.

The exhibition “What would we be without children?” is a sculpture visualisation of one part of the problem.