Founded in 2001
Sphere of activity: the whole Czech Republic, the geographic intersection is in Prague.

Mothers and Fathers - group photo

Each of us has started a family, we have been living for many years with the practical experience of adult people who – without hesitation – react to the address of MOTHER! FATHER!, or more often mum or dad, few years ago this might have been mummy and daddy. Our parenting takes more than a half of the life of each member of our group. The reservoir of our stories is infinite, the potential material is being stored in our heads every day – and we never hesitate to use what we still remember.

In our opinion the group was started out of despair and longing to create something, other reasons might include a certain determination which however also results from despair. We can not say that it was an accident as there are too many common signs. For example, the motherhood and fatherhood was by all the members realized in the outwardly identical, official and state-recognized form of marriage. Everything has the common theme of reproduction which has already been realized and accepted as an important life role. As mothers and fathers we behave quite normally, we live at home with our husband/wife, in privacy behind walls, fences, windows. We use our marriage-parental experiences and stories as a material for our art, not just to entertain our friends.

The main body of Mothers and Fathers is a meeting which sometimes brings forth a new creation. Quite often we are not able to say if the meeting was a way to generate a piece of art or if the main and only goal was to meet. But there must be something more important – self-realization, life reflexion, artistic ambition. A moderate meeting of MaF is usually more fun than bringing up children, communication with your partner or taking care of your family and house.

Lenka Klodová and children

Lenka Klodová – mother
children: Matouš, Boženka, Franta

  • Born in Silesia, encouraged to speak standard language (her swearing sounds funny)
  • Moves to Prague, studies in the Studio of Kurt Gebauer
  • Meets the love of her life Martin, creates art and gives birth to children
  • She is happy
  • Co-founder of MaF, becomes its caring and tireless mother (sometimes in doubt)
  • She solves her financial situation by creating playgrounds for children
  • She exhibits, creates, becomes a visible persona of the Czech art scene
  • She loves a man, leaves Martin
  • She meets Dalibor and is happy again, she becomes the first grandmother of MaF and brings up Hrozna the dog
  • Long live Dalibor
  • She leads her studio at FAVU to nakedness
Lucie Nepasická and children

Lucie Nepasická – mother
children: Šimon, Kristýna

  • Born under the Ještěd mountain, doesn’t like winter
  • She studies in the studio of Vratislav Karel Novák to be a successful jeweller
  • She meets Kryštof, gives birth to children, moves to Cholín and is happy
  • Co-founder of MaF, fights the dominance of sculptors there
  • She leaves Kryštof and Cholín, moves to Prague and looks for happiness
  • She becomes a runner, finds Paul who shows her the world, she neglects MaF
  • She leaves Paul, looks for happiness and finds it with Vítek for a short time
  • She manages her financial situation by creating playgrounds for children and working in art departments in film studios
  • She loses faith in men and finds Jarda
  • She likes sharp tools
Marek Rejent and children

Marek Rejent – father
children: Tomáš, Marek

  • Born in Vysočina, supposed to become a wood carver and pipe maker (he never smoked)
  • He meets Eva and becomes a father
  • He studies in the Kurt Gebauer studio and enjoys art
  • Co-founder of MaF, becomes it’s calm creative power
  • Gets lured in by the film industry and stays in it for a few years
  • Still happy with Eva
  • Exhibits and becomes a cultural attaché of Proseč
  • He is state-constituting, sits in the Proseč city hall, supports building of a waste water treatment plant, a fountain and various memorials
  • Lives far away from all MaF and everyone loves him
Martin Péč and children

Martin Péč – father
children: Kristýna, Jáchym

  • Born in Prague, loves to lead never-ending discussions
  • Studies at Kurt Gebauer studio, wants to be a sculptor
  • Meets Martina and becomes a father
  • Co-founder of MaF, enjoys their merry coffee-house meetings
  • Stops working as a free sculptor and establishes a sculpture film workshop
  • Much to the displeasure of his sculpture professors he lures young sculptors to his workshop where he pays them for their sculptures
  • He is unstable
  • Leaves Martina and seeks happiness with Kateřina
  • He likes to ride his motorbike and sometimes falls off. Is he happy?

Mothers and Fathers, 2019

Mothers and Fathers 2019