A one year installation of an object in the foyer of a school in Karmelitská street
Prague 1

As an art group, whose name is not just a cluster of words but describes our whole art program, we are standing on the border of two views: artistically we profess post-conceptualism, although we don’t follow its lightness and relativeness, in our second pose we touch all the traditional things, maybe even eternal ones, like bread.

In our personal and personality development each of us evolves from the eater of the buttered bread to the butterer. A slice of bread is one of the most common symbols, we live by bread, and we throw it to those who throw stones at us…

You know scraped bread? That’s when you put butter on bread and then scrape it off, so that you have only what is left in the holes.

…give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts…