Darkness didn’t swallow him

A design for a competition sculpture for the 100th anniversary of founding the Masaryk university

We are building a contrasting building opposite the university. We build non-university, a natural closed space without a view, without equipment, damp and dark, in which thoughts are going in cycles and hit the walls. It is a symbolic choice for a person standing on the Žerotínské náměstí square. Either to turn into the dark space of the cave or to walk to the light space of the university building with the application form. We celebrate learning by sculptural capturing of illiteracy. We invest tons of stone to turn your attention towards education that weights nothing. The person leaving the symbolic cave that means non-articulated intuition, is Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, who was not swallowed by the darkness. We depict him after a long, exhausting fight with ignorance, illiteracy and unawareness. He is a symbol of a commitment not to squander the comforts of the cave, which is the university in Brno.